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Awesome! This place was definately worth the 'checking-out'. Food is original and extremely tasty. Staff was very friendly and the atmosphere was new and fresh. Yum-yum, yum!!

Great Staff!

Have frequented station bbq a few times with my folks. Each time the service has been amazing. The owners are more than happy to discuss Holland, the cuisine or the weather. The menus take the extra step in promoting which sauces will complement which meal. I'm partial to the pulled chicken sammich myself. The sides are in great variety. It's great to see something new and truly great arise in the downtown sector of vernon. Here's to seeing my mug many more times over the fantastic food!



10/10 - The passion is evident in everything.


Rated 9/10 - Get me some beer & the Texas brisket. Music is good & perfect sound volume.


Rated 10/10 – Best food in Vernon.


Rated 10/10 – It’s different than all the other restaurants in town. Fresh, local, tasty.


Rated 11/10 – It is so good – second time back.


Rated 12/10 – It is SO good on all levels – great food, environment, kitchen aromas and friendly staff.


Rated 10/10 - Staff is friendly. Food is amazing with generous helpings.


Rated 9/10 - It’s a true southern meal, something different.


Rated 10/10 - Unique, hot but not painful. Add ciders and coolers, you have beer! Very different and unique. Owner came and spoke to our table – awesome!


Rated 8/10 - Best home-cut fries ever! More napkins at table please. Bottled beer a little pricey. Summary – the service was excellent and it was extremely busy. The server was fab.


Rated 9/10 - Go!! Well worth it.


Rated 10/10 - The ribs are smoked to perfection and tenderly delicious. The service and atmosphere are welcoming.


Rated 10/10 - You have the best brisket EVER!

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