OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Okanagan Valley has welcomed us into their hungry world with encouragement and positive reviews and we felt the love all the way up to our ribs.  We have served thousands of meals to hundreds of people – many we never knew before but are now good friends.  Meanwhile, we have been fortunate to find amazing, talented people to work with us and several staff members have been here the entire time.

That’s the thing in our business.  People!  It takes a lot of them to create and present passionate food.  Hours and hours of advance preparation go into everything we make because every recipe is our own and made from scratch – sauces, dressings, rubs, buns, muffins, biscuits, desserts, stew, gumbo, brisket and ribs, on and on…

The result?  Well that’s the other side of the people story.  Customers!  In our first year we have been blessed with many.  We can tell you dozens of entertaining stories about how people from around the world managed to find us.  Australians who loved our food, returned home and told their friends to come to Vernon for brisket and ribs.  So they did!  Stories about how much some folks would pay to buy a bottle of our after-burner sauce or an entire mud pie desert, even though they are not for sale.  About winning two of three awards in the 2015 Vernon Chili Cook Off contest on Valentine’s Day – our busiest day ever!  About teaching a group of Edmonton Army personnel how to use a smoker. Yes, we’ve worked our briskets off this first year and we’ve had plenty of fun doing it.

So our on-going goal for the years to come is to continue smoking, drinking up good stories and serving passionate, wholesome food to incredible people from around the world. Hope we see you soon!

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Our Friday lunch feature tomorrow is a smoked chicken club sandwich. And yes, the bacon on it is candied! Who would do something like that?... We would. See you at the Station. ...

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Fab Friday Feature!!!
Smoked Chicken Spinach Pizza!
Had to wait for one to come out of the oven to post a pic! Colourful combination of spinach, mixed peppers, red onion, smoked chicken... Topped with a mix of cheeses, all on a flatbread crust. LOOKS great, smells AMAZING and TASTES even better! What are you waiting for? See you soon at Station BBQ Smokehouse! happy May Long Week

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Fab Friday of May Long Weekend!!! Today's feature is a Smoked Chicken Spinach Pizza. Flatbread crust, tangy sauce, loaded with our tender smoked chicken, fresh spinach, peppers and onions and a blend of cheeses, then topped with our fresh salsa frais... See you soon at Station BBQ Smokehouse! ...

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